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EcoCat 55 (4)

The Ecocat 55

The EcoCat series embodies a thoughtful design philosophy, catering not just for aesthetic pleasure but also to satiate the adventurer within.
The EcoCat 55 represents the zenith of maritime engineering.
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55ft Cabin
EcoCat 55 Head

A Paragon of
Nautical Excellence

EcoCat 55 Specifications Overview

Exquisitely crafted for unparalleled quality, the final embellishments of this masterpiece epitomise extraordinary sophistication. Not a single detail has escaped scrutiny in the selection of the most superior, top-tier amenities. Every component has been carefully chosen to elevate the experience to unmatched levels of luxury and performance.

Length: 16.75 m

Beam: 8.99 m

Solar Power Generation: 20 kWp

E-Motors: 2 x 200 kW

Battery: 715 kWh

Generator: 145 kW

Cruising Speed: 7 - 8 kn

Top Speed: 14 - 15 kn

Range: Trans - Ocean

Cabins: 4 - 6 (customizable)

Certification: CE - A

Flybridge Options

Main Deck Options

Lower Deck (Customisable)

Your Adventure Awaits

Embark on a New Era of Yachting, Own the Future Today

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