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Image by Raimond Klavins

Smart Contract For Yachts

Immutable Core Data

We have enhanced the intricacies of the initial construction process and elevated the sustainability of the yacht by seamlessly integrating all design and construction data into a Smart Contract.

EcoCat 55 Main Deck GA
Data Management

Variable Data management

Your yacht's data (mileage, servicing records, etc) can be periodically updated on the blockchain. This information will not only help you track your usage better but it will be very handy for when you decide to sell and upgrade your yacht.

Get Your Smart Contract

All of our yachts are integrated with Smart Contracts. If you have an existing yacht that you would like to have a Smart Contracted tagged to, feel free to get in touch with us!


We would be happy to create one for you as part of our efforts to further digitise and champion sustainability in the global yachting community.

Perks & Benefits

Gain exclusive access to a spectrum of ongoing privileges, blending both virtual and tangible benefits, including docking rights, exclusive event invitations, software access, and more.

Image by Victor

Unlock the Future
of Yacht Ownership

Secure Your Yacht with a Smart Contract

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