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Aqualux 72
Aqualux (6)

The Aqualux 72

Aqualux 72 Saloon
Aqualux 72 Stateroom
Aqualux 72 Dining

Curated for the modern day explorer, the Aqualux series is meticulously designed to showcase an amplified interior that epitomizes luxury comfort.

bridging the gap between lavish indulgence and oceanic grandeur

Now you can explore the world's most beautiful destinations without leaving a carbon footprint. glide across serene waters with nothing but the sound of waves. This isn't just any yacht - The Aqualux 72 stands as the epitome of excellence, symbolizing the pinnacle of maritime prowess.

Aqualux Toilet
Study Design

Aqualux 72 Specifications Overview

Impeccably curated with a discerning eye for exceptional quality, the finishing touches of this masterpiece are nothing short of extraordinary. No detail has been overlooked in equipping it with only the finest, top-of-the-line amenities. From the renowned Raymarine systems that grace its helm to the impeccable Lewmar equipment that ensures seamless operation, every element has been thoughtfully selected to elevate the experience to unparalleled heights.

Length: 21.91 m

Beam: 9.63 m

Solar Power Generation: 25 kWp

E-Motors: 2 x 225 kW

Battery: 816 kWh

Generator: 145 kW

Cruising Speed: 7 - 8 kn

Top Speed: 14 - 15 kn

Range: Trans - Ocean

Cabins: 4 - 6 (customizable)

Certification: CE - A

Flybridge Options

Main Deck Options

Lower Deck (Customisable)

Explore The World

With the Perfect Balance of Luxury and Sustainability

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