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Elysian Cover

The Future

Perfect Synthesis of Luxury and Sustainability

Elysian yachts

step into a world where
Luxury Meets The Future.

it's not just a vessel;

it's a masterpiece of craftsmanship and sustainable engineering,

a seamless blend of luxury and environmental stewardship.

Futuristic Yachts

Elysian Yachts is dedicated to shaping the future of yachting, where each vessel is painstakingly crafted to encapsulate breathtaking beauty, unmatched opulence, and avant-garde technologies.

to tomorrow's ocean adventures

Every yacht is a bespoke masterpiece, meticulously designed with a visionary approach to seamlessly blend cutting edge sustainable technology with a functional and lavish interior.

EcoCat 55 Saloon
Yachts Sailing Around Islands

This is where your passion for the sea converges with a commitment to sustainability, creating an experience that redefines luxury on the water.

Sustainable Yachts
for a cognizant world

Explore our range of E-Yachts

EcoCat 55

Ecocat Series - 55ft

Exclusivity meets Adventure

Innovating the new era

The demand for increased connectivity and flexibility in our work is of utmost importance. Traditional office boundaries are fading, offering boundless freedom for both ambitious professionals and adventurous souls embracing a life at sea, where work and learning harmonize with the ebb and flow of ocean waves.

Elysian New Era
Elysian Holistic Dedication

our Holistic dedication

Eco-friendly cruising incorporates state-of-the-art electric propulsion, smart energy management, and the latest in sustainable technology. The perfect combination of safe, lightweight and highly efficient solar panels and batteries that usher in an era of unrivalled autonomy and energy efficiency, tailored for the discerning yachting luminaries.

Couple on deck
Yachting World
Elysian E-Marina

Unveiling The Unseen

where every adventure is a masterpiece


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