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Phygital: The Best of Both Worlds

Greetings, esteemed enthusiasts of luxury yachting and connoisseurs of blockchain innovation. Within the dynamic interplay of advancements in technology and the realm of luxury, we embark on a discerning exploration of the nexus between physical grandeur and digital ingenuity—a realm we may aptly term "phygital."

In this pursuit, we delve into the conceptual landscape of tangible NFTs, an intriguing fusion wherein tangible assets, manifesting as artworks or, notably, luxury yachts, intertwine with the immutable, digitally encoded contracts facilitated by blockchain protocols. This innovative paradigm not only endows physical assets with unparalleled authenticity but also provides a framework for seamless ownership verification, transcending the limitations of traditional ownership documentation.

Unveiling Tangible NFTs: A Fusion of the Physical and Digital Realms

At the heart of this exploration lies tangible NFTs, an amalgamation of tangible assets with digital Smart Contracts. In essence, tangible NFTs imbue physical assets, such as artworks or, notably, luxury yachts, with the immutable authenticity and ownership verification facilitated by blockchain technology.

The Rise of Electric Yachts as NFTs: Bridging Luxury and Innovation

Amidst this landscape, emerges the pinnacle of this trend: electric yachts transacted as NFTs. Envision possessing a virtual rendition of a multimillion-dollar superyacht, meticulously crafted and authenticated through blockchain protocols. This groundbreaking marriage of luxury and innovation, exemplified by recent multimillion-dollar transactions, underscores a paradigm shift in the luxury yachting domain.

The Intersection of Craftsmanship and Digital Prowess: Case Study of the 63m Superyacht

The first Super Yacht NFT project was a 63m superyacht that Gregory C. Marshall designed. It was successfully sold for 95 million in the cryptocurrency Ethereum and the owner was authenticated 100% of their ownership on the blockchain. It is transparent and visible to everyone. According to Cloud Yachts, this is the world's most expensive NFT as it is a one-on-one virtual replica of an authentic superyacht with party lights, navigation system, lounge areas, and entertainment facilities. Marshall partnered with Cloud Yachts to introduce a new NFT concept into yacht design and sales and the response was incredible. 

Andrew Grant Super, of Berkeley Rand and Deer Hague explained, “We've been working with oceanographers to plot specific coordinates just off the main superyacht routes in the Caribbean and in the Balearics. Essentially what we are doing is gamifying the entire process. We are gamifying access to the online portal with all the NFTs, which can only be accessed via the superyachts themselves successfully reaching the coordinates. If they are not prepared to do it then they can't see the portal and the portal will have all of the top NFTs that we're going to be marketing for a very limited time, with very limited access and at very limited prices.”

Our Vision with Luxury Yacht NFTs

In our quest to redefine luxury yachting, our vision extends far beyond the mere acquisition of vessels—it encompasses a holistic transformation of the yachting experience. Central to this vision is the integration of electric yachts with NFT technology, fostering a paradigm shift that transcends conventional boundaries.

Our primary objective is twofold: to invigorate perceptions surrounding yachting and to enhance the financial utility of luxury vessels. By amalgamating the intricate design and construction data of yachts into Smart Contracts, we streamline not only the initial build process but also bolster the sustainability of these vessels for generations to come. Moreover, NFT holders stand to reap a myriad of exclusive benefits, both tangible and virtual. From coveted docking privileges to VIP event invitations and software access, we aim to provide a bespoke yachting experience that transcends the ordinary.

Furthermore, the integration of NFTs facilitates effortless resale opportunities for yacht owners, offering a seamless avenue for transferring ownership and maximizing asset liquidity.In essence, our vision embodies a fusion of innovation, sustainability, and exclusivity, propelling luxury yachting into an electrifying new era.


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