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Sail Away on a Cleaner Planet with Solar Powered Yachts

Imagine a world where electrical energy generated from green sources powers the entire grid. This might become a reality sooner than we think. We are shifting towards a new era where mankind is more serious than ever to create a world that runs on green energy so we may conserve our planet for future generations.

Our focus in this write-up is focused on solar energy which is a renewable and clean energy source that already has multiple use cases powering vehicles, homes, and recently, a shift towards using solar panels instead of diesel engines for maritime transport in order to cut down on emissions from ships and boats.

How does it work on a yacht?

With solar panels, solar energy is converted from the sun and transformed into usable power. When the sun's rays hit the solar panels, the electrons on the panels are activated, producing DC charges that are stored in batteries which not only propel the yacht but power every other appliance that is onboard the vessel.

Solar panels are able to produce power in all weather conditions, even on cloudy days. On partly cloudy days, they produce up to 80% of their potential energy, and on heavily cloudy days, they can produce about 25% of their potential output.

"Environment preservation is not a liberal or conservative challenge, it is common sense." – Ronald Reagan

How does it compare to diesel?

  1. Solar energy harnessed from solar panels is well, free! One does not need to worry about rising fuel costs. Sure, the initial cost of installing a solar panel system may be more but the savings are significant in the long run. And what’s even better is that you can share some or even sell your excess electricity supply at some docking stations. I know, amazing.

  2. An electric-powered boat is also low in maintenance with fewer moving parts as compared to having a diesel engine. The occasional cleaning of the solar panels will go a long way to ensure it work efficiently, but that's about it.

  3. There is also no longer the need to dock to just refuel. This means that range-less travel across the ocean is possible.

  4. With no engine, you cut down on sound pollution, making it so much more enjoyable as the only sound you will hear is the wind and the waves, literally.

Green cruising!

From an environmental standpoint, solar panels offer a greener way for ocean travel. On top of reaping the benefits listed above, sailors can now live out their adventure and reap the full benefits of ocean living while minimizing their carbon footprint. While solar-powered boats still have a long way to go before they can completely replace diesel boats in terms of speed and consistent power generation, advances in technology and the ambition of next-generation sailors may attain the breakthrough needed in the near future. Therefore, if you are already thinking about switching to solar-powered yachts, you are on the right track. Let us play our part and sail away on a cleaner planet!


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