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Discover the Benefits of Ocean Living: A Yay or Nay Choice?

Living and working from the sea can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging due to the confined spaces and limited amenities that are often found on ships. It is important for people who live and work at sea to be prepared for these challenges and to have the skills and training needed to work safely and effectively. Did you know that medical professionals used to advise patients to visit the beach for health reasons in the past? Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine, himself recommended "thalassotherapy" or sea therapy. Here are four health benefits of the sea that will assist you in making a decision if you are wondering whether to head to the hills or relax by the ocean this vacation.

#1: Improve Your Mental Health

To examine how living near the ocean affected individuals's mental health and well-being, researchers interviewed over 26,000 people. A study from the University of Exeter that was released in the journal Health & Place in October 2019 confirmed their earlier findings that those who live less than 1 km from the seaside are 22% less likely to experience mental health symptoms than people who live more than 50 km away.

#2: Healthier Lifestyle

Regular exercise is crucial for preventing obesity, enhancing heart health, and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. A 2014 UK study indicated that being close to the shore improved the likelihood of being healthier and stronger than people who lived elsewhere, in part because those who live closer to the sea engage in more physical activity. In fact, the study discovered that living within 1 km of the coastline, you're more inclined to exercise consistently. This is because the seaside offers the ideal setting for swimming, jogging, and trekking to stay in shape.

#3: Relaxation and Mindfulness

It's not simply a weird feeling when you feel more relaxed when you're near the ocean; this has been scientifically established. Marine researcher Dr. Wallace J. Nichols thinks that the ocean can promote several forms of mental relief: According to Nichols, "We are learning that our brains are predisposed to respond favorably to water and that being near it may calm and unite us, boost inventiveness and insight, and even cure what's damaged."

#4: Source for New Ideas

The beach can be the perfect spot for you to live or hang out if you are a startup founder, business owner, musician, artist, designer, or someone with other creative abilities. The steady ebb and flow not only helps you clear your mind, but study has shown that the ocean's blue tint leads to higher levels of creativity. Another excellent justification for why ocean living is so appealing.

Ocean Living for All - A Reality for Today

Imagine living on a luxury yacht with all the comfort and connectivity similar to that of a modern home. We are Elysian, committed to delivering comfort and luxury on top of ensuring that your ocean living experience comes with a smaller carbon footprint as we incorporate renewable energy sources into your mobile home. In addition, thanks to Starlink, you can work from anywhere in the sea with affordable satellite connectivity. The ability to choose to work remotely while traveling and exploring new places can be a reality. Live a life of adventure and experience new cultures and environments today.


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